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Wild Planet Nature Park™ will be among the largest sanctuary ever built, spearheading WPNP's ability to become the leader in wildlife rescue and education.

Wild Planet Nature Park™ realizes the best way to support the needs, habitats and other costs associated with the many animals living at the Park is to get the public involved and to give all animal lovers a beautiful place to enjoy.

Wild Planet Nature Park™ is a fun, engaging, and captivating experience that appeals to a broad market. Millions of tourists visit California, Nevada, and Arizona each year. The Grand Canyon National Park, located nearby in Arizona, attracts Five Million (5,000,000) visitors each year! Wild Planet Nature Park™ will have the opportunity to educate the multitude of international and national tourists already streaming through the area.


The Education Center and Museum will offer professional presentations and interactive displays. The focus on Endangered Species, Exotic & Native Species, and Conservation Issues will provide visitors with important information. Animal professionals, conservationists, animal lovers, families, and students will benefit from valuable learning experiences.

Taking this project to the next level will support the operating cash flow that Wild Planet Nature Park™ needs to stop the suffering of animals and educate the public about wildlife and the negative effects of human interaction with exotic animals. 

For interested parties please contact:

Jonathan Kraft

(928) 715-1800

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